Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Three Films by Goatherder

Last year, I was preparing for a photography exhibition. As I collected together the pictures, I began to wonder about film, and how static film shots differ from still life photographs.

In October, I chose and shot at three different locations. They were the Castlerigg stone circle near Keswick, the abandoned RAF base in Silloth and Kingmoor nature reserve in Carlisle. All locations are in Cumbria.

I had began discussing film and soundtracks with two friends; Jonathan Sharp (The Heartwood Institute) and Amy Tweddle (wearequasaars), and they provide two of the pieces here.The third I made myself.

Three short films about the absence of people.

Soundtrack available from Bandcamp.

Sunset 20th February 2020 / 'Cloudy' We Are The Wooden Houses

2005 Super 8 Footage with We Are The Wooden Houses 'Spiral'